God has called us to build a church in one of Europe's youngest cities where the overwhelming majority of people are not following Jesus. Birmingham Vineyard is about Bringing Life to our City as we invite people to follow Him. Through our prayers and action we are seeking the peace and prosperity of the greater Birmingham area (Jeremiah 29 v 7). We are called to be a large church and to have a pioneering local presence across our city through an expanding network of small groups, communities and local services.

Four Canvasses

We visualise the impact that God wants us to make in Birmingham as four incomplete artists canvasses, ready for a masterpiece that God is creating. In His hands, our lives will bring the colour and detail to the pictures that God has in mind. 


To help us visualise and identify with this vision we have commissioned 4 canvasses from a local artist Anna Crook.

Canvas - Compassion - Small.png


We are all called to be Jesus’ hands and feet. We want to see His love change lives and bring hope across our city, our nation and the world.

Canvas - Work - Small.png


We want Monday to matter as much as Sunday. For our city to flourish, we believe our faith and actions can make a unique impact wherever we are.

Canvas - Doing Life - Small.png


We believe we are supposed to live life to the full. We want to equip all ages and life stages to do life well. To see people thrive not just survive. 


We are committed to raising pioneering leaders. People who will influence wherever they are called to lead. Not for personal gain but to serve the purposes of God.