Felling trees, filling potholes and planting a forest!

We are delighted to announce that we have taken ownership of the car park opposite Network House. This has been made possible by the ongoing generously of all of who support the ministry and vision of the Church so thank you!

What We've Done

Our first task was to undertake some essential repair work to make the space safe.
In essence the worst pot holes have been filled and we unfortunately have had to remove the 6 trees.

From an environmental perspective removing trees is not a decision we've taken lightly. As trustees we've taken advice (from the surveyor, from our mortgage company, our insurance company and car park operators).

By removing the trees we :

  • Eliminated ongoing structural damage to the car park surface.
  • Eliminated the significant structural risk to the neighbouring properties.
  • Reduced the risk of personal injury.
  • Increased the light to the area.
  • Removed the already diseased trees (2 of 6)

In the light of this decision we have chosen to invest in planting trees locally, not only to offset the loss but increase the positive impact on the urban environment.

We've spoken with Birmingham Trees For Life  and agreed to a "business sponsorship package” that will enable us to plant a number of established trees and 400 saplings in partnership with local schools close to the city centre in Birmingham. 


What’s next…

We’ll have the car park available from Sunday the 7th June. 

We are exploring the best company to manage the car park long term, but just to be clear parking for Church will be free! As part of this we are also looking at getting the lines repainted so we can fit as many cars in as easily as possible.

We are looking at upgrading the lighting and CCTV coverage of the car park so that the area is as welcoming as possible for all.

On behalf of the trustees.