Emergency Needs Met!

Imagine arriving in the UK with nothing for your three year old child, or arriving with a baby due in two weeks. That’s exactly the situation two families faced this Easter weekend. The social network of Facebook connected Christians across the country and has meant that as they arrived in Birmingham our Grow Baby project was able to help. They chose nappies, clothing, new cot blankets, a pushchair and toys. We don’t officially open our doors until 15 April but we aim to be Jesus’ hands and feet to families with under 5’s and there’s no time limit on that is there?

They weren't our first customer either! Through our Foodbank contacts we've already helped a mum who was using the services of one of Birmingham’s shelters. Thanks to donations from our church family she received beautiful clothes for a newborn, nappies and other essentials.

If you want to help us restock we’d love more nappies and newborn clothing. Oh and a request I couldn't meet; baby wipes and nappy sack bags would also be very handy. If you have some time to spare and would like to join us being Jesus’ hands and feet then please contact Wendy and Rob Slater who lead our Grow Baby team on: growbaby@birminghamvineyard.com