Multi-Site: One Year On

This is an incredibly exciting week for us as we’re celebrating 12 months since we became one church in two locations, with three services. If you’d like to read a little more on that, head to our multi-site page.

Each of our services has grown and developed a little of its own flavour, while remaining firmly part of Birmingham Vineyard. Some stories from our service leaders are below: we’re excited to see what God does next!

We are so blessed to be a part of the morning service community at City Centre. Over the last year we have enjoyed seeing community form from a diverse group of people who are hungry for more of Jesus. There are new people coming consistently, and experiencing a lovely welcome into deeper connection with God and others. God’s grace has covered this year of transition and now that things are a bit more settled, we are eagerly asking Him what He wants to do in and through the morning service community. More Lord!
— Michael & Jess, Cap & Jo
South Site has seen remarkable growth with friends and neighbours coming to church for the first time and finding their home at Vineyard. We have new people every week and they are welcomed warmly by everyone. Others who had been part of our community groups but not attended regularly on Sundays have become highly-valued team members. We’ve had the privilege of watching all our teams work through the problems associated with starting something in a new space and come together to deliver a smooth-running service where there’s also lots of space for prayer and community. We’re looking forward to seeing how we can press into God in the next few months, praying for each other during the service and looking out for the least, last and lost both before, during and after the service over coffee!
— Jeff & Becky
The evening service has seen a growth in the passion and intensity of worship time, with people coming from their own worship in the week ready to engage and enjoy God’s presence. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to spend unhurried time responding at the end of the service. Each week has consistently seen new people coming and exploring faith, with lots of questions, who receive a warm and friendly welcome. Over the last six months, we’ve started regular newcomers’ drinks after the service, which has been a great place to get to know people and answer questions in a natural, relational atmosphere. With more people coming each week and the room feeling full of joy and the presence of God, we’re excited to see what God will do in the year ahead.
— Tom & Ali