Team Appreciation Party

Last Friday, Birmingham Vineyard hosted a truly memorable Team Appreciation Party!

We would love to express our thanks to all of the amazing leaders and volunteers who serve on teams at Birmingham Vineyard! Check out this note from Andrew and Rosie, our Senior Pastors, expressing their gratitude to everyone who serves:

Dear team,

Birmingham Vineyard exists to help people follow Jesus, live life to the full and make a difference. You help that become a reality in all the different ways you serve. 

People often come out of a Sunday and say ‘What a great Sunday that was!" They often thank us but we know it’s because of you. People experience the presence of God, come to faith or their faith comes alive and your service makes that happen.  

You consistently go the extra mile. In fact we see many of you park round the corner to leave car park spaces for guests each Sunday. You come early and stay late and it's much appreciated. You open up your homes and lives to make space for those who are not part of community. You reach out to the wider city of Birmingham and beyond, to bring hope and practical help to many people in need.

What you do is seen, it’s appreciated and celebrated. Who you are is an inspiration and example to those you serve.

On Friday, we celebrated you with a great party! We want to say a special thank you to two incredible people who made the night memorable. Thank you to Reece Dougall, who made all the delicious food for the event. Thank you also to Andy Keast, who built all of the street food stalls which transformed the space and made a perfect setting for the party. 

Rosie and I, on behalf of the staff team and all the trustees want to thank you for all that you do in the life of our church.

Many blessings,

Andrew & Rosie McNeil

Photo credits to Daniel McNeil Photography

Thank you again for all those who came on Friday night!

If you aren’t currently serving on a team, we would love to help you find your fit. To express your interest in serving click the button below: