You are more than your results

My failures in life are many. I got 4 O’level’s but failed to get the 5 I needed to study for 3 A’levels. I sat professional exams but my biggest fail there was an ungraded paper, the second time I sat it. I froze and walked out of the exam. I haven’t completed my degree yet because of ill health. 

BUT I managed A+ assignments at college, firsts in some of my degree assignments and I achieved my really tough professional qualifications. I ran a successful marketing department in an international bank and was promoted again and again. I moved into ministry and God has blessed so many of my steps, taking the things I write around the world. 

The sum of my life is not my failures or even my successes, but they are a part of my story. Some were hard to swallow and tough to walk through but I kept putting one foot in front of the other and chose alternative paths when they were presented to me. 

If you’ve had results this summer, are receiving them today or have some to come, whatever the outcome, they are not the sum of you either! Grab hold of hope, know that closed doors can sometimes be pushed ajar or you may be being diverted to other things. Whatever the path, there will be blessings if you continue to work at what God sets before you with all your heart.