The Me I'm Meant To Be - Made To Flourish

This Sunday was the start of a new series. Jesus describes the life he made available for us as 'life in all its fullness', in this series we'll see how to become the "The Me I'm Meant To Be"

This term we are excited to be focusing on Alpha in our cell groups, so they won't be following our sermon series. We would still love you to engage with the Sunday teaching so we'll be posting a few questions each week to help you with your own personal reflections.


Here are some things that were raised in Sundays talk:

When thinking about 'The Me I'm Meant To Be' it's helpful to be aware of the things competing with that. What do each of these look like for you?
- The me I’m pretending to be
- The me I think I should be
- The me others want me to be

- What is God inviting you to be in this season of my life. What does the most alive - mature version of you look like?

- What’s the personal best that God has in mind? Think about your faith character and the roles you fulfil.

- How’s your vitality bucket?

- What are the replenishing people, dynamics, activities and engagements that predictably fill you up?

- What has the opposite effect for you?